The Shocker

We’ve all experienced the shocker, well no…yes…no…damn’t! not that shocker, that’s another post. I mean the shocker when someone surprises you with something they do or say that totally catches you off guard.

It recently happened to me by a guy I’ve met a couple of times, lets just call him HD. Most men ask women out the same way, “Hey, maybe we could go out for dinner sometime?” or “Maybe we can hang out sometime?” (this applies to the under 35 crowd), pretty standard. But not HD, he was out with friends, as was I; we had talked a few times before. He came over and started asking questions about me and what I liked to do, what my hobbies are etc. Then the shock, “Well I’d like to take you out for a few hours and do whatever you want to do, whatever you’d enjoy doing if you had a free day to yourself”. My response “Uhhhhhh yeah and dude you are so totally getting laid”. Ok so that’s not what I said but it’s what I was thinking. I mean this guy nailed it! He was a real man asking a women that he wanted to spend time with out on a real date. I’m looking forward to seeing how he’s gonna shock me on our date.

By the way, he caught me so off guard I wasn’t sure what I wanted. But this is what I asked for, pick me up on your motorcycle, take me to your favorite riding spot, followed by your favorite burger joint with a beer. This may all sound like what a guy might want to do but wait for the story to unfold. I’ll share with you my first date burger theory in a future post.

I’ll be getting my ride on later…on the motorcycle. I’m a good girl.



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