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Living in Brazil

All right, I’ve been a little serious with my writing lately and maybe a little depressing.  Not to worry, my life is wonderful and I’m happy for who and what I have today.  Today’s post is just a little something, … Continue reading

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I believe in love.  I believe in marriage.  I believe that no matter how difficult the road is, all marriages can survive even the most difficult of situations.  I have a lot of friends who have faced very real and … Continue reading

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Mis-Match or Best-Match…We Shall See

Ok so we did it! With a little collaboration, my girls and I set up a profile. 1. There are a lot of guys with moustaches. 2. You do see people you know on there. 3. They can see … Continue reading

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What’s Worse?

I’ve contemplated this question a lot over the past couple of years. Which is worse, to have your heart broken in a failed relationship or to lose your spouse to death? In the past 2 years, 6 months and 18 … Continue reading

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The Last Was Best

The last date I had with HD was wonderful; we went to dinner earlier this week, sat close, held hands, and enjoyed each other’s company. We made out in the car when he dropped me off and text each other … Continue reading

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Feeling Lucky?

I love my lucky jeans. Not the kind of lucky that has rainbows shooting out of my ass but my Lucky Brand Jeans. They really make my butt look great. The best part of wearing a pair of Lucky Jeans is that … Continue reading

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Where There Is Smoke There Is Fire

I find it completely ironic that this experiment began because my friends and I decided (all of them living vicariously through me) that I needed to really start dating.  I agreed that I would let my girlfriends write my online … Continue reading

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