Where There Is Smoke There Is Fire

I find it completely ironic that this experiment began because my friends and I decided (all of them living vicariously through me) that I needed to really start dating.  I agreed that I would let my girlfriends write my online dating profile, since they know me best.  I would then write about my experiences going out etc…  However, as we have all experienced the best laid plans can get unexpectedly derailed.  Sometimes it’s a train wreck and sometimes it’s a surprise destination.

Lucky for me and hopefully lucky for HD he acted before we did and he turned into the first post.  As it turns out my first date with HD has turned into three, four, five… I’m not sure anymore.  All of our time together has been just as sweet, just as intimate, and just as hot as the first. Wouldn’t you know?

This of course has halted my online dating profile plans.  I’m one who likes to see where something leads before continuing to date another.  Besides, he’s totally hot with a rocking body (I mean not that I would know or anything). I know there are people out there that are serial first daters or date several people at once but that’s not me.  I’m going to enjoy the ride and see where it takes me. I’ll let you come along for most of it but gotta keep some of it private (YES!  I just said that).  Let’s just say I think my rabbit is going to get lonely.

HD and I had a quick date on Sunday evening, a nice dinner, and some great conversation.  He picked me up on the motorcycle and we headed to a great spot close to my home, 17 North.  It was chilly but we opted to sit at the outside bar and have dinner completely alone, no one else would be crazy enough to sit outside in the cold.  They have heaters around the bar and the fire pit was directly behind us, it was actually really nice and gave us an excuse to keep touching.

We had that conversation.  You know the one where you divulge your past relationship mistakes, failures and heartbreaks.  I’m always a little leery to share my story, I have a history, a past that I can’t escape, but what I can say?  All of my experiences have made me who I am today.  The experiences that I’ve had or the situations I’ve put myself in will keep me from being there again.  It was nice that he has a history and a past too; some that he’s not proud of, just like me.  We talked about our beliefs in love, marriage, religion and kids, pretty intense for early in a dating experience but we are both older and why allow yourself to become involved with someone you don’t share common views.

I didn’t feel any judgment from him, which is one of the first things I look for, drives me crazy.  I don’t tolerate people who judge my past, or my friends, or anyone especially when they’ve never walked in their shoes.  I guess I’ve just learned that everyone has a story that makes them unique and you can learn something from anyone if you try.  It may be completely useless information but it’s something.

After our dinner, we moved to the benches near the fire, we got close and continued our conversation.  As all my friends will tell you, I look for things I don’t like in men, any excuse.  He’s too tall, too short, kids are too young, blah blah blah.  I just can’t find anything.  I can’t complain, well except for that pesky no helmet thing.  His choice, who am I to judge?

There are few things better than having a guy drop you off at home knowing that neither of you wants it to end; standing in the driveway kissing, starting to walk away, and going back because you just have to have one more kiss. I couldn’t help myself I said, “You’re a great surprise.”  His response “Thanks for giving me a chance.”  There is definitely smoke, just need to fan the flames.  The night ended with a text from him that said, “Wanted to make out more though.”



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